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.NET, Python, C++, Go, Node.js

Rest assured in high performance and reliability of applications of any size designed and developed.

React, Angular, Redux, PHP

Boost your web presence with highly interactive corporate and e-business apps bringing excellent functionality and user experience.


Highly reliable engine for the creation of applications on the web, desktop, game and mobile platforms....


Develop a new channel for business expansion with cost-effective mobile applications.


Fast, secure, and reliable. From laptops to datacenters, game consoles to scientific supercomputers...


Swift is a powerful compiled programming language for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux applications.

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Who are we

We are a team with a strong network of associates in the region that has extensive knowledge and experience in several areas of the computer business, which are closely related to each other.
We provide a wide variety of services to deliver programming, design, art and games for many markets including PC, Mac, Mobile, Web and emerging platforms. Our team includes veteran experts from many companies who lead projects with the highest levels of quality and innovation. We have flexible budgets and worldwide talent to provide the best quality for your budget.

Our work

RINA S.p.A. Genova, Italy
Blockchain project for the control and issuance of product certificates, a semi-automated system of certificate approval by a responsible person. Intended for consumer insight into the complete procedure from product production to its placement.
Tehnologies: node.js, react, smart contracts, company wallet, docking.
Worked on: backend, frontend, web app (mobile friendly).
Inbloom Games LTD, Nicosia, Cyprus
Multiplayer online game - backend with huge API library, live servers in multiple regions with diffrent hosts (aws, hetzner). Scalable server/data base to acomodate up to 10M players per instance. Dedicated live match server. Live edit tools for fast changes and CI/CD. Security and authentication.
Tehnologies: goLang, postgreSQL, C++, js, PHP, Firebase, PhotonEngine
Worked on: backend, iOS, Android
Tenfore, Belgrade, Serbia
Fin-tech company software, financial technology program modules
Tehnologies: java spring boot (PostGres Driver, Lombok, SpringWeb, JPA), postman automatic testing, dockerization of developed modules, postgreSQL database
Worked on: backend, frontend, web app (mobile friendly)