We are team located in Belgrade, Serbia, with a strong network of associates in the region that has extensive knowledge and experience in several areas of the computer business, which are closely related to each other.

We provide a wide variety of services to deliver programming, design, art and games for many markets including PC, Mac, Mobile, Web and emerging platforms.

Our team includes veteran experts from many companies who lead projects with the highest levels of quality and innovation.

We have flexible budgets and worldwide talent to provide the best quality for your budget.

Product Oriented Solutions

We start with Your product needs and work out from there and we strive to provide innovation through combining various technologies or by developing a completely customized solution.


We take an analytic approach to defining clear goals and working with partners in all phases of development, from concept through all stages. Resources and milestones are analyzed and documented before and during development. We understand iterations and changes are part of the process and incorporate consumer testing and we use analysis and feedback to meet our desired goals.


Successfully completing innovative products requires diversity in talent, a refined process and a solid relationship built on trust. Our process is data driven with estimates, assessments, execution and results which are fully transparent to our partner. It's You and us against the problem, not each other.