Full range of services. Efficient, integrated game development 

In addition to our game development services, our production capabilities can be taken independently according to client needs.  Our service range covers nearly all aspects of game development,  allowing us to design, produce and test full games.  Bringing these services together holds benefits for all of our clients by giving them the flexibility to strategically deploy production across multiple services. What we can provide is a complete start to finish service of  mobile and desktop app design and game development. You can decide whether You need complete development services or just a graphic solutions for Your game or any other product. If  You need all in one solution we can take over Your game project  and  provide You elegant solution for all platforms and devices.

Flexibility to help You conquer your unique objectives 

Depending on client needs, we assemble teams combining the right skills and a level of management adapted to the complexity of the project. For larger projects, our model also lets us dedicate onshore resources to work alongside your team, either simply as a bridge to the offshore team or as a temporary staff complement. Alternatively, we have the ability to build dedicated Offshore Development Centers for our larger clients who would like to benefit from our facilities in Serbia to establish and host their own team.

An extension of your development team

Software engineering team includes developers with a broad spectrum of skill sets. Serbia provides a vast talent pool from which you can select the most skilled, passionate and creative engineers.

Engineering projects

Engineering team has experience with a wide variety of projects  to meet our clients’ needs:


Ports, parallel development, and full game creation – our team is experienced at platform optimization, and at squeezing the most out of console processors. 

UI and front-end

We create intuitive menus and other user interfaces for leading developers. That includes component updates, screen re-skinning and full screen development.


Besides developing 3D game engines, we have experience working with leading third-party engines. We have deployed them in our co-development projects, and have also adapted them for clients’ particular needs.

Facebook and Online games

Development capabilities include online games, including games on Facebook. Together with game design and art teams, engineering team offers full Flash game development from design and concept art to online deployment, with fully supported back-end.

Development tools
Development tools are a critical first step in game development.  Top developers turn to our engineers to help them generate or enhance the custom development tools which allow them to bring more features to their game – on time and on budget.

We are also ready to help clients with:
  • AI programming
  • Audio programming
  • Graphics and special effects programming
  • Hardware/driver programming
  • Network programming
  • Technology R&D

Flexible project structures

Projects typically follow one of two models:
  • A Project Model for when the project is clearly defined in scope and time. Under this model, we work together prior to the project to formulate a detailed plan based on your needs. We then assemble a team of programming engineers for a limited period of time with a Project Lead responsible for the quality and timing of deliveries.
  • A Retainer Model for when the client requires an extension of the team with flexibility in the scope of tasks. Under this model, a team will be put together upon your request. Its tasks can be defined and modified on the go, just as you would with an internal team. You will have the guarantee that the resources will be retained for you over the long term.