RINA S.p.A. Genova, Italy
Blockchain project for the control and issuance of product certificates, a semi-automated system of certificate approval by a responsible person. Intended for consumer insight into the complete procedure from product production to its placement.
Technologies: node.js, react, smart contracts, company wallet, docking
Worked on: backend, frontend, web app (mobile friendly)

Monterey, California, USA, Naval Postgraduate School

Software System for Process Analytics. Software for creating complex mathematical systems and calculations.
Technologies: javascript and proprietary software
Worked on: backend, frontend

Food Fight Online

Inbloom Games LTD, Nicosia, Cyprus
Multiplayer online game - backend with huge API library, live servers in multiple regions with different hosts (aws, hetzner). Scalable server/database to accommodate up to 10M players per instance. Dedicated live match server. Live edit tools for fast changes and CI/CD. Security and authentication.
Technologies: goLang, postgreSQL, C++, js, PHP, Firebase, PhotonEngine
Worked on: backend, iOS, Android


Tenfore, Belgrade, Serbia
Fin-tech company software, financial technology program modules
Technologies: java spring boot (PostGres Driver, Lombok, SpringWeb, JPA), postman automated testing, dockerization of developed modules, postgreSQL database
Worked on: backend, frontend, web app (mobile friendly)

Nialaya iDesign

Nialaya Inc, Hollywood, Los Angeles,  CA USA
WebShop on Shopify platform, application for customizing of clients products, calculating specific prices and ordering final product combinations.
Technologies: javascript, php, Xcode Swift and proprietary software
Worked on: backend, frontend, web app (mobile friendly), iOS, Android