Virtual Design Studio

Lamex doo, Novi Sad, Serbia,  Egger Austria
Platform: PC, touch screen and image projector, projecting of material textures on a white surface of a real objects in purpose of creating realistic appearance of materials from their product range.

Software System for Process Analytics

Monterey, California, USA, Naval Postgraduate School

Platform: PC, Mac (web), HTML5 System and Software Architecture and Workflow Modeling Language, Web app with MP editor, trace generator, and trace graph visualization based on behavior models.

Interactive Mathematics

COPRIX MEDIA doo, Belgrade, Serbia

Platform: PC (server) and Android (client), application for school purposes. In cooperation with Prestigio and Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.


Ram Levkovitz, Jerusalem, Israel

Platform: IOS native, XCode Swift, application to participate in the US Diversity Visa Program, checking and correction of data in order to successfully obtain US visas.

3D Planner

Jela Jagodina doo,  Jagodina, Serbia, Furniture factory

Platform: PC, 3D software for implementing and arranging of a manufacturer furniture program from pre-created libraries in a virtual space of your home.

Nialaya iDesign

Case3D studio Novi Sad, Nialaya Inc, Hollywood, Los Angeles,  CA USA

Application for customizing of  clients products in 3D real-time, calculating specific prices and ordering final product combination.

Platform: web desktop, IOs, Android

web -

Android -

IOs -




HappyTv Portal

Happy Tv, national tv, Serbia

Platform: Android native, Android Studio, The latest news from the country, the world and reality programs in one place. .

Google Play

Numanovic Furniture

Numanovic Furniture, Novi Pazar, Serbia 

Flash application for products presentation and customizing materials.

Platform: Flash for web and desktop, presentations on 4K Ultra HD displays

Eipix Entertainment, Big Fish Games

Casual Games, Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure  genre (HOPA games)

Collector's Edition Premium products, created for Eipix Entertainment and Big Fish Games portal

Interactive TV Games   

Number of interactive TV games (over 20) for broadcasting over TV. In the past 7 years there was more than 3000 one hour an half hour live shows on television stations all over EX Yugoslavia. One of the largest clients were Federal TV from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia Happy TV from Belgrade.

FFF Enterprises, Helping Healthcare Care

FFF Enterprises Inc, Temecula CA, USA

Corporate video including 3D video animations of brand products.

YouTube Video

Professional Graphic & Web Solutions

We have years of experience under our belt creating clean and professional graphic & web solutions for our clients around the world. Design, programming, e-commerce, search engine optimization, business services and more!
  • – Brand Development
  • – Website Design & Development
  • – Magento
  • – Joomla
  • – WordPress
  • – Custom CMS
  • – Print Design ( brochures, catalogs, flyers, business cards, book covers, banners ... )
  • – Mobile Development
  • – Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • – E- commerce
  • – 3D Design and Animation
  • – Web Hosting Service
  • – Network Solutions

MAGENTO (e-store):

Like subcontractors we have participated in creating some elements and modules for next magento stores: