RINA S.p.A. Genova, Italy
Blockchain project for the control and issuance of product certificates, a semi-automated system of certificate approval by a responsible person. Intended for consumer insight into the complete procedure from product production to its placement.
Technologies: node.js, react, smart contracts, company wallet, docking
Worked on: backend, frontend, web app (mobile friendly)

Monterey, California, USA, Naval Postgraduate School

Software System for Process Analytics. Software for creating complex mathematical systems and calculations.
Technologies: javascript and proprietary software
Worked on: backend, frontend

Food Fight Online

Inbloom Games LTD, Nicosia, Cyprus
Multiplayer online game - backend with huge API library, live servers in multiple regions with different hosts (aws, hetzner). Scalable server/database to accommodate up to 10M players per instance. Dedicated live match server. Live edit tools for fast changes and CI/CD. Security and authentication.
Technologies: goLang, postgreSQL, C++, js, PHP, Firebase, PhotonEngine
Worked on: backend, iOS, Android

Nialaya iDesign

Nialaya Inc, Hollywood, Los Angeles,  CA USA
WebShop on Shopify platform, application for customizing of clients products, calculating specific prices and ordering final product combinations.
Technologies: javascript, php, Xcode Swift and proprietary software
Worked on: backend, frontend, web app (mobile friendly), iOS, Android